I’m a Registered Life Planner®: Hugoline van Hoorn, RLP®

This month’s episode of the I’m a Registered Life Planner® series features Registered Life Planner® Hugoline van Hoorn. Kinder Institute Communications Director and webinar host Lora Woodward interviews Hugoline about how Life Planning has impacted her life, both personally and professionally.

Hugoline is one of over 500 professionals globally who have earned the prestigious Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) designation.


00:00 Welcome, Introductions

00:58 What it means to Hugoline to be a Registered Life Planner® three years after earning her designation.

01:45 How Hugoline describes Life Planning to her clients.

04:35 Why Hugoline still offers financial services without Life Planning as an option for those that ask for it.

05:10 How Hugoline first was drawn to Life Planning and why she decided to take the EVOKE® course four years ago

08:10 How the client interactions and relationships were different for Hugoline after she became a Registered Life Planner®

10:53 A client success story

15:02 What’s next in Hugoline’s Life Plan

20:02 Closing

Hugoline van Hoorn, RLP® founded Huug! Financial Life Planning in 2018 after 20 years as a banker. Prior to a career in finance, Hugoline spent 10 years as a professional squash player. She is 52 years old and lives in Eindhoven with her wife and dog. After earning the Registered Life Planner® designation, she discovered there were no job offers for Financial Life Planners so she started her own practice and called it Huug! (short for Hugoline). This turned out to be the best decision because it facilitated living her Life Plan to the fullest, balancing all things/persons important and meaningful to her! Hugoline loves helping her clients on their journey: starting with guiding them through the Life Planning Process and witnessing how they (re)discover their ideal life, then combining their ideal life with their numbers, resulting in a complete plan for them. She says, “That’s a great start of a life-long collaboration. The power of Life Planning and the results of a trajectory still give me goosebumps every time I help people through Financial Life Planning!”

Kinder Institute of Life Planning is a training company that provides workshops, experiential trainings, and consulting services to financial advisors and professionals worldwide. Thousands of advisors and financial coaches have trained with the Kinder Institute on client-centered life planning methodologies since it began in 2003. Advisors that complete the entire course of study including The Seven Stages of Money Maturity® 2-Day Training, the EVOKE® Life Planning Training, and a subsequent 6-month mentorship program earn the designation of Registered Life Planner® (RLP®), which signifies that they have become life planning experts. To learn more about life planning, trainings offered by Kinder Institute of Life Planning, or to find an RLP®, visit www.kinderinstitute.com.

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Kinder Institute’s mission advances the practice of “whole-life” Life Planning as the most fiduciary, most comprehensive, and most client-centered form of financial planning.
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