Profiles in Life Planning: Andy Nevett

Photograph of Registered Life Planner Andy Nevett

Andy Nevett, CFP®, RLP®


Name:   Andy Nevett

Certifications and memberships:
• With over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Planning Industry, I am totally committed to helping small Business Owners and professionals find a better way to plan effectively for their future.
• Have a Management Science Degree from Warwick University and am a Registered Life Planner at the Kinder Institute.
• In the top 10% of Financial Advisers in the UK in terms of professional qualifications.
• Qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (CM) awarded by the Institute of Financial Planning, one of 1000 in the U.K.
• Hold an Advanced financial planning certificate Dip PFS.
• Specialist in financial strategy planning for business owners, including comprehensive retirement, investment, and tax planning.
• Have experienced boom and bust over 25 years, including 1987 stock-market crash, 1992 property slump, 1990′s boom, 2001 “tech-bubble” and 2003 stock-market bull. I have helped clients prepare for all scenarios!

Business Name: Freedom Financial Planning

Location: New Mills, Stockport, Cheshire, UK.


Favorite Parts of My Own Life Plan:    The highlight of my plan has been to buy and renovate a holiday home near to my eighty seven year old Aunty who is married to an Italian in a beautiful medieval village in Liguria, Italy. This place has become a sanctuary for myself, my wife and our two young daughters where we regularly spend quality time together.

Favorite  Life Plans I Have Helped Deliver for Clients:    My favourite life plan was for successful Business Owner Colin and his partner Sue who were living three hours from each other in separate houses, working long hours and snatching weekends together. Now two years later they are married and living in the Peak District in a beautiful, old house. Colin is working part-time and Sue’s daughter has moved up from the South to be near them. Colin succinctly said “However successful you may be in business, making major changes in your life and planning your future can be much more difficult”.





About George Kinder

George Kinder is known globally as the leading thinker in the financial Life Planning movement, dedicated to deliver freedom with integrity to consumers worldwide. Also known for his photography, poetry and spiritual wisdom, he is described in Professional Adviser's annual review of the "50 Most Influential People" in the world of financial advice: "George Kinder, Founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, is widely recognized as the pioneer of the life planning model. The creator of an original concept which puts peoples' core life values at the heart of the advice process, he is a true visionary. His institute's training, which focuses on the human aspect of planning, is regarded by advisers as the gold standard. A life sector legend, the Harvard-educated industry veteran has been an adviser and tax planner for over thirty years and has won many industry awards. Kinder is a regular as a keynote speaker at industry events and conferences and his knowledge and know-how of the life planning sector is second to none. But Kinder's expertise stretches way beyond the adviser realm - he is also an artist, photographer, poet, spiritual leader and author. " Kinder's website lists nearly 3,000 advisors on 6 continents who have taken his programs. He views his mission as bringing a deserved reputation for integrity back to the financial services sector and making the core ethos within financial services the delivery of a process for freedom to every human being on the planet.
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